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Why Do We Need Video For Our Business?

In Today’s world is a fast changing one and many small business’s thrive through the services they offer and their personal service. Recommendation is by far the best form of advertising for any  business no matter what size the company is.

Other forms of advertising such as newspapers,  local directories etc are in a decline and most new business opportunities are sourced through the internet (including Social Media Channels)

Video Production Content is King

This creates great opportunities for video production for businesses  as there are many cost effective ways of advertising on these mediums, this also faces challenges as it is available to all and standing out is the name of the game.

Most business today have their shop window in the form of a website displayed for customers to find quickly and easily, and after speaking to business owners grabbing attention of prospects can be difficult one.

Media rich content such as video is an amazing way of telling your story or describing the features & benefits of your products or services over the competition.


Video production for business’s in the past has been a costly affair but now is easily within reach. What you don’t want to do is to add amateur looking media to your website or social media pages as this can have an adverse affect.

The bottom line is will better engagement increase sales, the answer is yes. lets look at the facts.

The Facts

  • By 2020 Websites will become multimedia platforms
  • 80% of customers are more lightly to buy after watching engaging Video Content!
  • 83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good ROI.
  • 79% of consumers told us that they would rather watch a video to learn about a product, than read text on a page.
  • 81% of busineeses said that it has helped them increase business sales.
  • 76% said that video has helped them increase traffic to their website.

Show how your product works?  Run video ads on social media? Find new customers? Instructional? Our video creations can help you do all of that, and more.

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         3 Step Process

Consultation/ Planning Session



We make the process as simple as possible, the planning and consultation are the key parts to the process.

Our free consultation is there to brainstorm ideas to make sure you achieve the most from your video production.  

Our Services

Corporate Videos

Showcase your company by telling your story no matter what size business you are. We can deliver engaging content your customers will love.

Social Media Videos

The fastest growing marketing platform, don't get left behind social media platforms favour video over written copy

Promotional Videos

Attract new customers with a targeted message to aimed at specifically increasing sales.


We cover all types of events from corporate seminars all the way through to sporting events


There are more and more requirements to make accessible how to and instructional video's, these can be updated quickly should they change without the need for printing .


Need extra products for your training courses or just want to make them available electronically, we can produce training videos in a number of styles

Maximum productivity

Team starts communicating

Once your project is completed that’s not the end of the story, we communicate with you or your team to get maximum productivity from your business video production.

Design on all channels

We can help design media campaigns to make sure you maximise all channels based on our vast experience.

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