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We understand the importance of telling meaningful stories with purpose that leave a lasting impression on the audience

Allow us to bring your story alive through stunning visuals

Corporate Video

Camera filming video production service

Create powerful stories that showcase your business and make real connections with your customers. 

Wedding Video

couple just married in the countryside for wedding video production

Capture your special day in a cinematic way which can be looked back on and treasured forever. 

Event Videography

speaker being captured at an event for event video production

Hosting an event? Capture your event which can be used for training or future promotion of your events.  

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what makes us different

The values we live by

Creativity & innovation

Create cutting-edge visuals, production elements as well as crafting original stories that evoke emotion and compel viewers to take some kind of action. By using the latest digital tools, they can create captivating visuals and audio experiences that bring a brand’s story to life in an engaging way


With access to valuable viewer intelligence, the company can leverage this data to create more powerful and impactful content that resonates with viewers on a deeper level. Additionally, a data-driven approach allows for a greater creative freedom as we can then craft videos tailored to specific audiences, Allowing our customers to further optimise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

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Brand-first approach

We believe that creating content that is true to the client's brand identity should always be the priority. We use an in-depth process of brand discovery, research and analysis to ensure that their work is not only visually stunning, but also communicates the desired message with clarity and accuracy.


Collaboration empowers the team to work together to create a high-quality, engaging piece that captures the intended message clearly while conveying it with artistic flair. The collaboration process encourages everyone involved to share ideas and draw on each other's expertise; this allows for more innovative approaches to storytelling and a greater depth in the finished product.

What our customers say about us

Receiving great feedback from our customers is always great and lets us know we have achieved their expectations.

I recently had the pleasure of working with a AJS Media video production company to tell an important story and bring it to life. The team was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, providing invaluable guidance and direction throughout the whole process.
Ryan Swift
Marketing Manager
We were extremely happy with the wedding videography service that we received! We chose them to capture our special day, and they exceeded all expectations. The team was incredibly professional, friendly, and personable. They arrived early and set up quickly while also balancing discretion so as not to draw too much attention during the ceremony. Throughout the reception, they worked diligently to get footage of every moment without intruding on our guests' enjoyment of the night.
Leanne Simmons
couple just married with confetti for wedding videography

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