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Seven Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Production

As Lemony Snicket once famously declared: Sometimes words are not enough.

Today’s business world is so competitive, so fast, and so in tune with technology: do businesses even dare not to make use of videos within their websites and other promotional material? Is Video Production Right for your Business?

laptop showing marketing graph

The rate of businesses opting for video Production to highlight their products and services is on an upward curve. The use of videos is mutually beneficial to both businesses and their customers for a series of reasons. Here are the top 7 reasons why your business should start seeking professional video makers today:


In a time where even DVDs are hidden beneath a pile of dust, getting a professionally made video is no longer going to cost you an arm and a leg, gone are the days of expensive video production. Due to the affordability of well-made videos today, it has opened their accessibility to all businesses, small and large. From new startups to long-standing operations, everyone is able to consider using video within their digital materials. There is also no shortage in quality video Production companies you can outsource this work to, so you can focus on your business while they get to work.

Search Engine Optimization

When considering ways to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the usual areas of concern are linguistic content, layout, and adding click-through links. Well, a not so well-known secret is that the use of videos can also improve your position on search engine rankings, but are often left neglected. By choosing to add a video for SEO purposes, you will enable more potential consumers to find you and increase your business’s web traffic.

Showcases and Demonstrations

Using a video is the perfect way to demonstrate how a product or service works. Making your own advertisement or product description with a video can help your business’s product stand out from the crowd. You can show off its specific features and provide evidence of its functions. Videos may be especially useful for those in building trades where a series of pictures do not do justice or take too much time for consumers to click through. Different angles and shots will help offer your customers visuals that are just ‘ungoogleable’.

Proxy for Social Interaction

We all like to feel connected. Just take a look at the apps on your phone if you don’t believe me, and it is no different when we customers are seeking a new product or service. A video can stand in as a proxy for social interaction and give customers a more personal and bonding experience which even the most well-crafted paragraphs may not be able to achieve.

Customer Convenience

Video Production is not just limited to improving a customer’s social connection to a business. It has also been proven to be a preferred method of showcasing a product or service. Research carried out by Wyzowl found that 91% of people have said they watch product description videos and 79% of people said they prefer this format over reading blocks of text. Thus, a video provides an effective marketing strategy that your competitors may already be taking advantage of.

Reflects Your Business Ethos

Using videos within promotional material and websites are growing, but they have not yet harvested the business landscape. When a business does make use of this worthwhile tact, they send a message to their customers that they go the extra mile in achieving their goals. Applying more focus and effort into making the customers’ experience easier and more enjoyable will reflect on your business ethos. Customers notice these small details and could be the difference between a sale and losing a consumer to a competitor.

Build Trust By Using Video Production 

When a customer visits your site for the first time, it is normal for them to be apprehensive of you as a business and the products or services that you advertise. Especially considering the amount of fraudsters, cybercrime, and unauthentic websites in circulation today. By using a video, you may build the customer’s trust in your product and service. First of all, the customer can see that you or your product exists. They may also be able to see it function, its dimensions, and its ease of use. All of things contribute to an increase of trust in your business and products.

Considering all of the above, isn’t it time your business took a shot on video content?

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